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UNITE HERE turnout operation reached 60,000 voters who pledge to vote Biden-Harris in Pennsylvania

30,000 of these were people who did not vote in 2016 when Pennsylvania went to Trump Philadelphia—UNITE HERE, the hospitality workers’ union that ran the largest door-to-door election turnout operation in Philadelphia, tonight will celebrate its efforts to flip Pennsylvania back to blue. By the numbers: 300,000 doors were knocked by UNITE HERE canvassers 60,000 […]

COVID + at work?

Do you believe you or a co-worker may have contracted COVID-19 at work?  Contact the City of Philadelphia COVID Response area immediately: 215-685-5488.  Reporting keeps your co-workers safe!

For Assistance

Benephilly  BenePhilly offers FREE one-on-one enrollment support to help Philadelphia residents apply for over 20 public benefits. Call #1-800-236-2194 or Click Here. Pennsylvania Health Access Network Call #877-570-3642 or Click Here In NJ Click Here to go to the County Boards of Social Services website, where you can get contact info based on your NJ County.