How to Enroll in Free COBRA

Our union Took Back the White House from Trump. We Took Back the Senate from the Republicans. We pushed the Democrats for a relief bill, and WE WON!

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law, providing relief to millions of laid off workers including 100% COBRA health care coverage, $1400 stimulus checks, $300-a-week unemployment insurance, expanded access to food and housing assistance, and more.

Now it’s time to Take Back our Healthcare!

Starting April 1, the U.S. government restored health plans for FREE, for up to 6 months, for eligible workers who lost health insurance after layoff or reduced hours because of COVID-19.

Can I get Free COBRA Healthcare?

How do I enroll?

Use the arrows to scroll through the slides below or click here to open in a new window. Click here to download a PDF.

If you had insurance through UNITE HERE Health, click here.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ on Free Healthcare.