Dear Participants in the Local 274 Health and Welfare Fund:

This year, a new benefit has become available to participants covered by the Local 274 Health and Welfare Fund medical plan. If you have the primary medical plan provided by the Local 274 Health and Welfare Fund, under your insurance plan, you are eligible to receive custom orthotics, which are insole supports for your shoes designed to minimize stress on your feet. They are especially helpful to anyone whose job requires standing for long periods of time. And because of COVID, the co-payment can be waived, so you should have to pay nothing out of pocket.

Local 274 wanted to get out information about this benefit, given the possibility that due to COVID, many laid-off participants in the Local 274 plan may lose coverage after 11/30/20. Dr. Simon Small, affiliated with Pro Support Systems, has committed to expedite any requests for orthotics from Local 274 health care participants. But especially if your insurance may lapse at the end of November, you need to act quickly.

We urge you to contact Pro Support Systems right away.

Here are your options: 

  1. Call 610-664-0848.
  2. Email [email protected].
  3. OR Call/text Dr. Small 610-570-7700.

A foot molding kit will be mailed to your home and you will receive a telemedicine experience that will guide you through the molding process. (Alternatively, office evaluations are available at Pro Support Systems’ corporate headquarters in Bala Cynwyd).

Again, we urge you to contact Pro Support Systems as soon as possible if you are interested in taking advantage of this benefit.

— UNITE HERE Local 274