UNITE HERE Philly is the hospitality and food service union of the Philadelphia region, who are mostly women and People of Color.  Our political program is centered on organizing working-class people to lead in our workplaces and communities year-round, not just during election season. We train as organizers in our shops advocating for our coworkers, then bring those skills into our neighborhoods to get out the vote. After elections, we mobilize to support politicians and policies that support working people.

We made a critical difference in the 2020 election, but working people are under attack in 2022. We need an even bigger operation to deliver the must win Pennsylvania midterms.

Philly Workers to the Front is knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors in Philly’s Black, Brown and low-income neighborhoods where other campaigns don’t go, where working families live and work. In the poorest big city in America, working people are under attack in 2022. Canvassers listen at the doors, share their stories and break through the hopelessness and apathy. They act as trusted messengers for the voters who need it most, mobilizing their neighbors to vote in November. They also sign up people for the local union’s Hospitality Training Academy, registering new voters and existing voters for mail-in ballots, and recruiting canvassers to join their efforts at the doors. 

Most Pennsylvania elections are decided within one or two points. Both parties had record turnout in the 2022 primary, but for the first time this century more Republicans voted than Democrats. If they win PA in 2022, Republicans will move to restrict abortion and attack voting rights, union rights and minority rights.  Without strong turnout from low propensity BIPOC and women voters in Philadelphia, Democrats will lose the state. 

Workers to the Front is a demand to be included in the decisions that affect us. Workers to the front for healthcare, safety, reproductive rights, our lives, neighborhood investment, and an end to the violence. Workers to the front is also a call to action. The only way to win this election is for workers to go to the frontlines of this fight. JOIN US!

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