Information for offering rides to voters who want to drop off their completed mail ballots at Satellite Locations on Sunday 11/1, Monday 11/2, and Tuesday 11/3. 

1. You find a voter who will agree to drop off their mail ballot immediately at a Satellite Location, but needs a ride;

2. You text this number 650-488-1358 with following information:

– Voter’s Name

– Voter’s Phone Number

– Voter’s Address

– The address of the Satellite Location they need a ride to

3. Rides Team will arrange for an Uber to be sent to Voter’s Address

4. Before they leave, give this same phone number to the voter: 650-488-1358

5. Once the voter is done voting, the voter should contact the Rides Team at the phone number you gave them, and the Rides Team will arrange for an Uber to bring them back home from the Satellite Location.